SSE Biology

The Biology Department have a wide range of activities to enrich and challenge students who are passionate about the Biological Sciences and for those who simply want to find out more about the diverse and complex natural world that we live in.

There are a wide range of trips, primarily aimed at students who study Biology which seek to provide them with an opportunity to study a biological system in detail and in its unique environment. The current list of trips includes:

  • Colchester Zoo – Upper Sixth students
  • Sanger Institute, Cambridge – a unique opportunity to visit a state-of-the-art Biotechnology research facility
  • Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire – Marine Ecology study for IB students
  • Nettlecombe, Somerset – Ecology study for An Level students


Biology Week – a week of events which seek to allow students the opportunity to pursue the subject deeper and explore some areas beyond the curriculum.

Brain Day – a day to focus on the complexity and uniqueness of the brain with a visiting lecturer.

In addition to these, the Biology Society meets every week and is aimed at our Sixth Form students. The Society explores specific biological topics in detail and students are encouraged to research material and present findings to others – a great opportunity to broaden understanding and extend knowledge and a good preparation for those considering a biological science or medicine at University.