SSE Chemistry

There are a host of activities and events run by the Chemistry department which seek to inspire our students and deepen and broaden their knowledge and appreciation of the subject.

Enrichment for First - Fifth Year Students

The ‘Salters’ Festival of Chemistry’ competition is a highly regarded competition which is aimed at stretching and challenging the most able scientists and each year we enter a Second Year team.

GCSE Leve! lectures and visits to the Science Museum in London for pupils in our Third Year.

For those students who are seriously considering a career in chemistry or a related science, there is the annual Salters’ Summer Camps aimed at pupils in the Fourth Year. 

The Royal Society of Chemistry host a ‘Chemistry at Work’ event for the top 30 pupils in the Fourth Year at Tilbury Docks and this has proved popular and challenging too.

In the last few years, we have also entered the Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Chemistry Mastermind’ competition which brings together students from the Third to Fifth Year in teams. 

Enrichment in the Sixth Form

Subscription to the Sixth Form magazine ‘Chemistry Review’ which broadens and extends current chemical understanding.

Attendance at the Lower Sixth to the ‘Chemistry in Action’ lectures at the Institute of Education, London broadens the perspective of our students help them to see the role of chemistry within science and the wider world in general.

Specific support for those considering a science-based career as well as those keen to apply to Oxbridge or a Medical school through specific extension classes.

The Chemistry Olympiad

A demanding and prestigious competition organised by the Royal Society which involves an exacting 2.5 hour written paper covering material beyond the scope of the Sixth Form curriculum. This, together with the annual essay competition are important avenues for those students who have a real passion for academic research in the scientific field.