SSE Geography

We live in a fast-changing world and Geography provides us with an important opportunity to engage with how we interact with this natural world and how the physical world can dramatically influence how and where we live.

The Geography Department offers a range of enriching activities open to all students interested in the subject.

Geography Club - This is a weekly club held on Monday lunchtimes. The club makes use of role plays, computer research, map reading and model building activities to help extend and stretch our students’ understanding of some core geographical concepts.

Orienteering – This activity, often known as the “thought sport”, combines problem-solving skills with physical activity and is an excellent opportunity to develop both physical and academic fitness. Each month, pupils participate in public events and last year we had over 20 pupils taking part in 13 events throughout Essex and further afield.

Field Trips - In addition to the clubs, the Geography department organises a series of field trips, both in the UK and further afield, for Geography students which seek to enrich and extend their understanding of the geographical diversity around us.

For our Sixth Form students, there are trips to Iceland and Devon and for our Lower School students, we organise trips to Sicily and day-trips to nearby Coastal regions and a trip to London Docklands to explore the issues of urban re-development and regeneration.