SSE Modern Foreign Languages

In an increasingly interconnected society, it is important that students are able to communicate in languages other than their native tongue.

The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) faculty at Brentwood offers students the opportunity to gain some expertise in a wide number of languages. There are a number of significant ways in which we introduce enrichment in MFL.

Exchange Trips
There is no better way to hone linguistic skills and appreciate cultural difference than visiting the countries where the languages you are learning are spoken. Our programme of trips, visits and exchanges is unusually rich and the twenty-five which we have organised over the last three years have encompassed destinations as diverse as Berlin, Mexico, Paris and Seville. 

The Power of Cinema
Cinema likewise provides a very stimulating entrée into other cultures, and our students gain much benefit from the various weekly cinema clubs. Currently, we have an Italian, a German and a Spanish Cinema Club for our Sixth Form students which provides a unique opportunity for them to deepen their cultural awareness of the country and the way in which language and drama are used to convey this.

The Spoken word
Central to any understanding of the cultures of the languages we offer is literature, where thought throughout the centuries has enjoyed its greatest expression. As well as teaching literature as part of A Level and IB courses, we offer enrichment opportunities with literature at their heart. Typical are the poetry workshops for Lower Sixth students of French and the visit by Upper Sixth Germanists to the opera staging of Bücher’s masterpiece Woyzeck.

UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO)
Participating in this prestigious competition means engaging in three hours of ‘code-breaking’, with pupils analysing the patterns in a small amount of linguistic data, and working out how the underlying system of the language works. UKLO helps students to apply to language the formal analysis skills that are more typical of mathematics, thus building on their different strengths and a great way to enrich and challenge our most able linguists.

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