Scholarships and Bursaries

Our generous scholarships recognise academic potential as well as specialist talents in the areas of Art, Chess, Choral, Dance, Drama, Music and Sport which are available for entry in Year Seven. There are also academic scholarships available for entry into the Sixth Form.

The scholarship programme rewards students who have a talent and an on-going passion for their subjects. Understandably, we do expect more from our scholars and look for them to act as role models and to remain committed to their subjects throughout their time at the school. Each scholar will have annual review meetings with the relevant Head of Department to ensure the student is progressing through the school in a proactive and productive manner. If a student's commitment to their scholarship becomes negligible, then it may be that the scholarship is rescinded. 

Means tested bursaries are also available and offered to those pupils who would benefit from a Brentwood education but whose parents or guardians cannot afford the full fees.

Parents who wish to apply for a bursary will be asked by the School to complete a Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances form.  The form is confidential and requires full information about the family’s financial circumstances, with supporting documentation. The school uses an independent company, Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL), to review and assess bursary applications.  

All pupils receiving a scholarship or a bursary must meet the required academic standard for the School. On average, about one fifth of our pupils receive such assistance.