Senior School Term Theme

Life-long learners….

Education is an important part of our journey of life. But education is much more than what we do in school. In fact, education is a life-long activity where we learn new things and our experiences help to shape our views and change our behaviour - hopefully for the better. 
Here at school, we are encouraging all in the community to think about some of the most important aspects of being a ‘good learner’ and we have termed this the “Brentwood Learner Profile.” In the profile, we find ten attributes, or characteristics, which we believe are important as we learn. 
Jesus encourages his followers to be prepared to change and to think differently about the world and how we live in it. Such a change is life-transforming. This term in our chapel time, we shall take time to reflect upon some of these attributes and reflect upon how we might, together, place these at the heart of what we seek to do as a community.

  • Resilient Matthew 4. 1-11
  • Reflective Mark 1. 35-39
  • Principled Luke 4. 16-22
  • Open-minded Luke 19. 1-10
  • Caring Mark 1. 29-34
  • Balanced Mark 12. 28-34