Senior School Staff

Leadership Team
Director of Studies
Teaching & Learning


Ms Dina Porovic, Director of Teaching & Learning
Teacher of Mathematics


Mr Adam Dean, Director of Digital Learning
Head of Economics



Art Department
Biology Department


Mr Gareth Lewis, Director of Science



Dr Emma Jane Paredes, Head of Biology



Mrs Rachael Bentley, Teacher of Biology
Deputy Director of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme


Miss Jane Byrne, Teacher of Biology


Mr Joseph Davies, Teacher of Biology & Physics


Mrs Pamela Ebden, Teacher of Biology
First Year Science Coordinator


Mrs Helen English, Teacher of Biology


Mr Keith Gray, Teacher of Biology
Acting West Housemaster


Mrs Victoria Kerslake, Teacher of Biology


Mrs Gemma Robertson, Teacher of Biology


Ms Sophie St Clair Jones, Teacher of Biology



Mrs Cathryn Getting, Senior Biology Technician



Mrs Joan Jenkins, Biology Technician



Mrs Fiona Penfold, Science Technician 

Business Studies Department
Chemistry Department


Mr Daniel Endlar, Head of Chemistry



Mr Leslie Brookes, Teacher of Chemistry & Mathematics



Mr Steve Gonsalves, Teacher of Chemistry




Mrs Jagdeep Khush, Teacher of Chemistry, Head of Fourth Year  



Rev. Dr Adrian McConnaughie
Teacher of Chemistry
School Chaplain



Mr Adrian Pask, Teacher of Chemistry



Mr Geoffrey Pye, Teacher of Chemistry



Mr Ishmael Roslan, Teacher of Chemistry
CAS Co-ordinator



Mr John Seaman, Teacher of Chemistry
CCF Contingent Commander



Mrs Wendy Stephen, Senior Chemistry Technician



Mrs Deborah Mclean, Chemistry Technician



Ms Rhysian Morgan, Chemistry Technician 



Mrs Fiona Penfold, Science Technician


Classics Department
Computing Department
Drama Department
Economics Department
English As An Additional Language Department
English Department
Food Technology Department


Mrs Claudia Picton, Head of Food Technology


Mrs Barbara Daly, Teacher of Food Technology


Mrs Jackline Franklin, Teacher of Food Technology 


Mrs Denise Austin, Food Technology Technician


Mrs Jackie Wilson, Food Technology Technician 

History Department
Learning Development Department


Ms Dina Porovic, Director of Teaching & Learning
Teacher of Mathematics


Mrs Kathryn Gorsuch, Head of Learning Development
SEN Coordinator




Mrs Lynn Buck, Teacher of Learning Development


Mrs Fiona Quartermain, Teacher of Learning Development


Mathematics Department
Modern Languages Department
Music Department


Mrs Hilary Khoo, Director of Music                                                                                          


Mr Florian Cooper, Teacher of Music
Head of Music Performance


Mr William Stock, Teacher of Music

Pastoral Support


Mrs Sue Newby, Sixth Form Pastoral Manager 

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Mrs Jenny Edwards, 1st - 5th Year Pastoral Manager

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PE Department
Physics Department
Politics Department


Mr Mike Willis, Head of Politics
Teacher of History 



Mrs Ruth Coppell, Teacher of Politics
Teacher of History



Dr Caroline Harvey, Teacher of Politics
Teacher of History 


Mr Stephen Prest, Teacher of Politics
Head of Upper Sixth


Product Design Department
Psychology Department
Religious Studies
Boarding Staff


Mr Mark Monro, Mill Hill Housemaster
Teacher of Religious Studies



Mrs Jackie Monro, Mill Hill Housemistress


Mr Rob Shearman, Hough Housemaster
Teacher of Geography




Mrs Carla Shearman, Hough Housemistress


Sixth Form Senior Staff


Mr Stephen Prest, Head of Sixth Form (U6)
Teacher of Politics



Mr Rob Higgins, Head of Sixth Form (L6)
Teacher of English



Mr Jonathan Barfield
Director of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Director of the Bean Academic Centre
Teacher of Religious Studies


Ms Beth Fuller, Head of History
Deputy Head of Sixth Form


Miss Zeta Fleming, Teacher of Classics
Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Army: Officer Commanding


Mrs Sue Newby, Sixth Form Pastoral Manager