Society of Old Brentwoods

The Society of Old Brentwoods, founded in 1899, is one of the most active and thriving societies of former school pupils in the UK.

The Old Brentwoods Clubhouse is located at Ashwells Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9SE.
Regular events include Old Brentwoods Family Day, the Annual Old Brentwoods Dinner, Summer Ball, President's Cocktail Party, Hallowe'en/Fireworks Party, Family Christmas Lunch and the Burns Night Supper, while affiliated clubs and associated groups organise regular dinners and other social functions.

A welcome development has been the establishment of reunion parties, including the past residents of School House and Mill Hill, and area based luncheon clubs, which are an important means of Old Brentwoods renewing or maintaining contact with members of their old school. There is a well established Old Brentwoods Masonic Lodge and Old Brentwoods Livery lunches and Oxbridge dinners are regularly organised. The Old Brentwoods also have affiliated clubs for Cricket, Golf, Football, Fencing, Netball, Squash, Tennis and Rugby. 

Apart from the social aspect that draws members together for reunions on the sporting field and in the Clubhouse, Old Brentwoods have raised very large sums of money over the decades to support additional facilities at Brentwood School as well as other community charities and sporting organisations. 

Old Brentwoods seek to support all Old Brentwood activities and are aware of the need to provide opportunities for today's school leavers. In this respect, Old Brentwoods of recent generations who would like to play a part in the organisation of the Society are actively sought to help maintain the Old Brentwoods as one of the most effective and vibrant old school associations in the country.

Members of the Society receive "The Chronicle" to keep them in touch and informed of developments and news from the Old Brentwoods and the School. The Annual General Meeting is held in September at the School as part of Old Brentwoods' Family Day and the Annual Dinner is also held at the School at the end of the Lent term. 

Old Brentwoods who would like to get back in touch with other Old Brentwoods are encouraged to send their details to Nikki Richards on who would be delighted to hear from you.