Beyond lemon groves and sandy beaches

Imagine a language that takes you beyond the clichés of sandy beaches and rowdy resorts; beyond the fragrant lines of lemon groves and olive presses, to a world rich in history, art, literature and music. Learning Spanish at Brentwood enables pupils to discover a rich, cultural heritage, while simultaneously learning to communicate with over 500 million people worldwide.

Spanish is one of the widest spoken languages today, in fourth position after Mandarin, English and Hindi. It is also the official language on four continents - and given the fast rate of growth in the US and elsewhere, learning Spanish is a smart choice for pupils today; it opens up so many doors to international career opportunities.

At Brentwood, Spanish is a language option from the Second Year. As one of the most phonetic languages in the world, if you know how a word is spelled then you can usually work out its pronunciation. That is why we are passionate about vocabulary and grammar! Our pupil exchange to Seville and Sixth Form study visit to Salamanca bring to life the Spanish learning experience and provide a strong foundation for those who want to study beyond A Level or the International Baccalaureate programme.