Somewhere along the line, most of our pupils will understand the thrill of being on the winning side, or the heartbreak of defeat. If they are in a team, they will understand what it means to pour effort into something bigger than yourself and to deal with successes and failures together: perhaps the greatest lesson of team sport.

Almost every school plays team sports, but at Brentwood we field so many teams, in so many different sports, that pupils who may have been overlooked elsewhere can experience what it means to be a team captain or score the winning point.

We have vast areas of playing fields, as well as a Sports Centre that houses a 25-metre swimming pool, a fitness suite, gymnasium, dance studio, glass-backed squash courts, a fencing salle and an enormous sports hall. Approximately 350 of our staff and pupils are out on Saturdays representing the School and we field more than 90 teams.

All pupils have PE lessons until the Fifth Year and whilst some pupils achieve high honours nationally and internationally at various sports, many just take part because they enjoy it.

Our teaching staff have the expertise to support those who wish to make sport a career. We offer the British Sporting JSLA and CSLA as enrichment courses in the Sixth Form and many members of staff have excelled as players of the sport they teach. We organise overseas tours for teams to compete and increase their expertise; we also compete with local schools and within School there are Inter-House competitions available in most sports.