If you want to have an active mind, then your body needs to be active too. We have an extraordinary range of sports, games and activities on offer to Sixth Formers.

We have highly motivated and qualified staff who aim to support you in enjoying your sport, increasing your skill and your wellbeing. All Sixth Form students participate in an afternoon of sport each week. Even if you do not consider yourself as ‘sporty’, we will have an activity that will appeal to you. From, Tai-Chi to high-level Rugby, the range of sports you will have the opportunity to try will certainly keep you busy for two years. We have vast areas of playing fields as well as a sports centre that houses a 25-metre swimming pool, a fitness suite, gymnasium, dance studio, glass-backed squash courts, a fencing salle and an enormous sports hall.

We field many major team sports such as football and hockey. At the highest level, our teams compete nationally and tour overseas. In individual sports, Brentwood has produced some of Britain’s finest fencers, and the School continues to excel at this sport. However, we also truly believe that sport should be available and enjoyable to all, regardless of ability. Those who participate for the fun of it will receive the same dedicated encouragement.