Staff Welfare

The Brentwood School Employee Support Programme offers a confidential 24 hour, 365 days per year life management and personal support service which can help employees and their families deal with life’s everyday issues as well as more serious problems. The programme is administered by a company called OPTUM, one of the market leaders in such programmes, and offers a range of online and telephone information, support and guidance services provided by teams of specialist advisors who deal with a range of matters including life, family, relationships, health & wellbeing, education, work and career.

To access the support programme please click on the link below or visit using the appropriate access code.

The Brentwood School Employee Support Programme

To see the list of topics that will be covered in monthly newsletters and on the Livewell site, please click on the link below: 

2017 Optum International Newsletter & Livewell Content Plan

To download further information regarding Managerial Support and Consultation, please click on the links below. 

Manager Consultation Service & Referral Guide

Critical Incident Support