Standing Ovation for Popular Second Master

There is no-one in this Hall today who has had more of an impact on the life of this School in the last 20 years than David Taylor,”

Headmaster Ian Davies told staff and pupils at the Second Master’s final assembly. The thousand plus students and teachers present greeted his words with a rapturous round of applause.

The popular Mr Taylor relinquished his teaching duties on Friday and, after a well-earned break, he will be back on campus in a part-time position working in the School’s Alumni and Development Office as Director of the Brentwood School Foundation, helping to raise money for Scholarships & Bursaries to allow pupils who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees, the experience of a Brentwood School education.

Mr Davies said: “Mr Taylor was a very experienced Deputy Head when he arrived here, and his impact on the drive to improve academic standards will be one of his lasting legacies. He is also well known on the national stage, having for many years chaired the annual conference for Deputy Heads of HMC schools.”

The Second Master had always set ‘sky high expectations’, given unflinching support to students and been a great supporter of the School’s numerous sporting teams.

“An excellent musician, having trained at the Royal Academy of Music, he has been instrumental in developing the highest standards of music throughout the School, and his profoundly impressive singing has been an example to all of us.” he added.

“He is generous, kind-hearted, a witty raconteur, thoughtful and a real gentleman for whom good manners is the outer expression of an inner and deeply felt consideration for the feelings of other people. He is deeply respected by generations of Old Brentwoods, and it is, therefore, most appropriate than in retirement he will be working with them more closely.

“I have worked with Mr Taylor for the past 13 years and I am proud to call him not just a colleague but also a friend, and I hope you will join me now in wishing Mr Taylor a long, happy, healthy retirement from teaching.”

Mr Taylor’s two daughters, Francesca and Jessica, both attended Brentwood and his wife Marisa is Head of Italian and a Teacher of French in the Modern Languages Department.

Acknowledging the good wishes of pupils and colleagues alike, Mr Taylor said: “I would like to pay tribute to Brentwood School teachers, past and present, as well as the support staff in the School for their dedication and great expertise.

“However, you as pupils and students are the heart and soul of Brentwood School and, as has been said on many occasions, we are very proud of your achievements. Thank you all for making me so welcome in this community during the last 20 years.”