Teaching and learning goes digital at Brentwood School

Lower Sixth students at Brentwood School have been issued with brand new iPads to boost their learning experience over the next two years and beyond. The latest tablets have been preloaded with innovative content from Apple and other top education providers to give them the best start in their crucial A Level and International Baccalaureate studies.

Speaking on the day of the launch, new Head of Sixth Form Mrs Anna Lawes, who joined from Forest School in June, said: “I’m delighted to be part of such an exciting project. It’s something the School has been looking into for a few years now and to be starting just as it’s coming into fruition is fabulous. The pupils can look forward to a much more interactive and personal learning experience which will superbly complement the first class teaching here at Brentwood.”

Teaching staff at the School were also issued with iPads at the end of May to give them a chance to familiarise themselves with the huge range of educational Applications they have at their fingertips. Director of Digital Learning, Mr Adam Dean, who is also an Economics & Business Studies teacher at the School, said the introduction of iPads will not only transform the way that teachers teach and learners learn, but it will equip students with the skills they need when they reach the world of work.

Today’s 16 and 17 year-olds are already in the digital mind-set of using technology as an accompaniment to their social lives, through GPS, music, news, and social media, and now our students can use it as an accompaniment to their studies both here and at university [the School’s generous buy-back plan enables students to purchase the iPad at a discounted price when they leave], to better prepare them for their future lives.

Mr Adam Dean, Director of Digital Learning

Following this year’s successful implementation, the School plans to issue iPads to all new pupils starting the School in 2016.