The Pilgrim Life

At the heart of the Christian faith we find the simple call to "Follow me"  - an invitation to journey in the footsteps of Jesus and discover a new life in union with God.

For centuries Christians, and people of other faiths, have embarked on pilgrimage in response to that inner call to connect again with God and commit oneself afresh to this invitation to live a life that is radically different to that which society often classes as normal.

This term in our Junior School Chapel services we shall take a close look at journeys and the items we might pack for the road ahead. Each 'essential' points to something of importance far beyond the mere physical and can, I believe, help us to consider that greater journey towards God which we are all invited to take. To help us consider these essentials, we shall journey with the clown fish Marlin as he looks for his son Nemo.

- Rev Dr A McConnaughie