To Become Shakespeare, Or Not to Become Shakespeare? That is the Question!

Friends, Romans, countrymen; lend me your ears. This week saw a two-day creative workshop for The English Department’s Field Day on ‘Becoming Shakespeare’, where the entire second year worked on connecting Shakespeare’s work to English, Drama and Film Production.

Joined by Adam Curtiss, a theatre practitioner from the Globe, the students first participated in a dynamic drama workshop, developing skills in movement, voice, and bringing the words of Shakespeare to life.

From this, the groups worked hard to creatively produce their very own Shakespeare-style script, developing characters and scenes involving a villain and evil, foreboding action. Taking their scripts into various locations, the students then successfully acted, shot and edited their ideas to produce a short Shakespeare-inspired film.

Adam Curtiss spoke warmly of the enthusiasm and creativity of the students he met, and commended the School’s engagement to activities.

Simon Evans, Head of English, stated that “The activities were eagerly embraced by all of the students, who threw themselves into the different parts of the day with energy and commitment.”

Sian Browett, Teacher of English, expressed "It was wonderful to see the students using all the skills our school nurtures: they were taking risks, being inquisitive, communicating brilliantly, using their knowledge and reflecting on what they were doing."