Twelfth Night Actors do Shakespeare Justice

With Louie Eyres-Scott, who has recently been offered a place in the prestigious National Youth Theatre, playing the irreverent Malvolio, and direction from Director of Performing Arts Mr Matthew Bulmer, the production was always going to be of a very high quality and it didn't disappoint. There was plenty of drama, suspense, and farcical comedy and the students should be very confident going into their final examinations next week.

The full cast list is below:

Viola - Caitlin Henderson;
Olivia - Millie Owen
Malvolio - Louie Eyres-Scott
Andrew Aguecheek and Orsino - Josh Portway
Toby Belch - Will Hibberd
Maria - Amelia McLintock
Feste - Carli Bardwell



You can view more photos on our photo gallery of the performance