Virtue, learning and manners

Three words that underpin the life of Brentwood School. Three words that seek to encapsulate all we seek to be a a community.

These three words have been at the heart of Brentwood School since 1622 when the School Statutes, signed by the Dean of St. Paul's, John Donne, made it clear that all pupils should be instructed according to these three core values.

Virtue, perhaps the most difficult to define, invites us to cultivate the inner self. It is the moral foundation upon which all else flows.

Learning has been the core business of this school since it's foundation in 1557 but learning is more than the classroom experience - it is a lifelong activity which enriches us and transforms our perception of the world around us and the part we are called to play in its growth and transformation.

Manners speaks of our behaviour towards one another. It challenges us to consider how we live together and relate to one another in a diverse community.

This term in the Senior School Chapel services we shall explore these three values and ask ourselves what challenges they offer us as we look to the future of our school.

- Rev Dr A McConnaughie