Voluntary Service Activity

The Voluntary Service Activity (VSA) is a reformed concept of the previous school Community Service Unit. It seeks to widen pupils’ awareness and interest in a wide range of community and international initiatives, from how to contribute to conservation, try to reverse effects of global warming, help the elderly or those with specific needs, as well as learn key skills such as sign language and first aid. The Michaelmas Term’s programme consists of external workshops from organisations and charities, given in the Wessex Auditorium, with follow-up activities in smaller groups, led by staff and Sixth Form students. This allows various different organisations to shed light on the important work they do, and, hopefully, inspire students to become further involved. 

For the remaining two terms, staff lead Friday activities in small groups, consisting of visits to local care homes, teaching First Aid or Sign Language and there will be  new activities for students to get involved in that haven’t been run before. In terms of field days, we hope to make these enriching and as interactive as possible for students, consisting of visits to conservation centres or volunteering in special needs schools and care homes. 

In the Lent Term, participants will be assigned a uniform, in order to further emphasise their identity as a VSA member, as well as being more practical than school uniform. School tracksuit bottoms and trainers will be provided by students, whilst they will all be given T-shirt’s and jumpers with our VSA logo on them.