West House

Former Head of House, Alfie Moore

Who are you and why did you want to be Head of House?

I’m Alfie Moore, I’m 18 and have a passion to get as many people as I can involved with House events this year. The participation from us all in a good spirited competition is a fantastic way to make school life more enjoyable.

How would you describe the spirit of West House?

I truly think that West House is the best House in the School, simply because everyone involved in the events genuinely wants to participate in them. People always volunteer in West and staff are always enthusiastic, energetic and competitive - which makes for great inter-house competitions!

What do you think we are good at as a House?

Typically we are the best at swimming and waterpolo, as well as House football, rugby, and this year squash. Last year we won the lip sync battle which was a highlight for me personally. I know we always put in a solid effort and performance in drama as well.