Years One and Two

Putting your hand up in class to share your idea or your answer….it is an image that will always signify “school”. It could be one of the first big challenges a child faces. By the time academic lessons begin, we have nurtured the children to feel safe and happy in this environment.

Children make good progress only if they feel secure and cared for. We achieve high standards through kindness, good discipline and good humour.

The children are in a community where making mistakes and learning from them is normal, and where good ideas are noticed and celebrated. We monitor every child’s progress closely and make sure that parents – our partners in education – are kept well informed.

We follow the National Curriculum through Years One and Two. We continue Oral French at this time when children are most receptive to learning a new language. We are establishing learning habits for life here, so we help children to ask searching questions, use reasoning to think through a problem, and start to enjoy looking at things in detail.

As the children learn to work more independently of adults, we set tasks that they can achieve in teams. They support each other with teachers taking a step back, but still carefully guiding their work.