Food & Nutrition

Food for Thought...

Do you know what the word companion means? It comes from the Latin word ‘pan’ which means bread and a companion is someone you eat bread with. For as long as humans have existed, the understanding of food is what makes us unique. 

At Brentwood, we have the best opportunities for you to explore the most basic of all human of needs – the need for food! Understanding food on many levels is so important for young people; the next time you open a newspaper, pay attention to how many times food issues grab the headlines. Our lessons draw upon History, Geography and all the Sciences and in our Food & Nutrition kitchens; using the latest technology, your taste buds will travel the world!

Another aspect of our work we want you to relish is the pleasure of working with food – the wonderful aroma of bread baking, the sound of coffee grinding and beautiful colours you can create in a salad or a sauce, appealing to your creativity and imagination. What a treat! When you turn up to our lessons, all the ingredients are waiting for you. You'll learn to discover not only an engaging subject but also a skill – one which you can carry with you forever and a hobby which will never stop inspiring!