Our Unique TRADE cpd Programme

TRADE is the unique approach to and programme of professional learning at Brentwood School.

Teacher-centred Research And Development Education

Our programme of professional learning events:

  • Entail the exchange of expertise and best practice between teachers from within and beyond Brentwood;
  • Are selected and designed by teachers for teachers;
  • Are based on action research undertaken by educationalists in and beyond Brentwood;
  • Strive to provide a wide range of tailored, relevant development opportunities that genuinely enhance educational knowledge, understanding and skills.

Our weekly schedule of professional learning events has been designed to maximise effectiveness, choice and accessibility, with regular Monday twilight sessions running from 4.10 to 4.55pm.

The content and style of these sessions is determined by the Brentwood CPD team: a group of Brentwood CPD champions from the Senior and Prep Common Rooms to coordinate the TRADE programme and promote research for, engagement with and development of our CPD programme.

TRADE Programme Activites

Keynote sessions

Sessions led by internal and/or external speakers designed to facilitate the achievement of the school development plan, including:

  • Teaching and Learning training sessions aim to facilitate the delivery of the Academic Operational Plan
  • Pastoral training sessions aim to facilitate the delivery of the Pastoral Operational Plan

Department training sessions

Ring-fenced time for HoDs to lead professional learning within their faculties or departments or, for a cross-curricular perspective, between selected faculties or departments.

Tutor training sessions

Ring-fenced time for HoYs to lead the professional learning within their tutor group.

Brentwood Leadership Academy

Sessions for existing or aspiring leaders to explore aspects of educational management, leadership and administration. Please click on the link below web page for further details.

The Brentwood Leadership Academy

Digital training sessions

This includes sessions that aim to enhance the digital capabilities of teachers (in their use of software, such as Google Classroom or teaching apps, or hardware, such as iPads or interactive whiteboards) as well as ongoing support available from the Brentwood Genius Bar.

Every term, a short newsletter is produced on the latest and greatest tools to help teachers and their students get the most out of their digital learning. For this term's edition, click on the link below.

Digital Learning Digest - Issue 2

Brentwood Action Research Group

For more information, click on the link below:

Brentwood Education Research Group

Brentwood CPD bookclub sessions

Flipped professional development where teachers review pre-released material – a chapter of a book, a podcast, a blog – and meet to share their reflections. For more information, click on the link below:

Brentwood cpd Book Club Sessions

MAC (Mentoring and Coaching) sessions

Time for our new colleagues, particularly our PGCE students and NQTs, to utilise the expertise their experienced colleagues as part of their initial teacher training.

Lesson Evaluation sessions

Observing lessons remains one of the primary ways in which professional learning may occur. For more information, click on the link below:

Brentwood Lesson Study Research Group

TRADE topics

The activities above could focus on a multitude of topics. Below are a selection of possible topics but please do suggest your anything else that may be of interest.

Learning and Teaching Pastoral Care Management and Leadership
Assessment of/for learning Adolescent mental health issues Budgeting
Behaviour management Bereavement Coaching and mentoring
Creating a growth mindset Bullying and cyberbullying Lesson observation and feedback
Creative teaching Careers/futurewise profiling Managing change
Differentiation and A, G&T pupils Safeguarding Marketing and branding
Differentiation and SEND pupils Counselling pupils Performance Management
Effective report writing Dealing with difficult situations Preparing for ISI5
Independent learning Developing resilience in pupils Leadinga boarding house
Monitoring progress/target setting Divorce Leading an academic department
Oxbrdige tutoring Eating disorders Leading an year group
SEND/inclusion First aid training Vision, culture and leadership
Starters and plenaries Health and safety training  Digital: 
Supervising extended essays Helping pupils cope with stress Using Excel
Teaching ToK Role of the tutor Using iPads
Trivium 21C Self-harming Using IWBs
The flipped classroom Sex and relationships Using Power-Point
Using educational data Social media and pupil safety Using SIMS
Whole school literacy Substance misuse Using Twitter