Professional Development

The Brentwood professional learning community is one where everyone strives to learn continually from and with each other. This is underpinned by two key principles.

Our first and most important principle is that we really value our teachers and so we invest heavily in them. Teachers can expect industry-leading professional support:

  • All teachers undergo a thorough induction programme and for those new to a role are assigned experienced mentors.
  • We invest in unqualified teachers so that they can complete their initial teacher training and achieve related professional qualifications.
  • Our newly and recently qualified teachers enjoy an enhanced school-centred training programme
  • Experienced teachers are encouraged to explore their pedagogy by going on external courses, through undertaking further professional qualifications such as MEds and EdDs or carrying out supported action research projects.
  • All teachers are encouraged and supported in developing their leadership skills and qualities, both inside and outside the classroom. 
  • For all of our teachers we run a range of whole day, twilight and lunchtime training sessions covering a wide variety of educational topics.

Our second principle is embodied in our professional development programme which we call TRADE:

Teacher-centred Research And Development Education

  • We focus on the exchange of expertise and best practice between teachers from within and beyond Brentwood, providing a wide range of tailored, relevant development opportunities that genuinely enhance educational knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • TRADE has two core aspirations:
  1. Meeting whole school training objectives, primarily delivered during start-of-term training days, the content and purpose of which are consistent with achieving goals laid out in the whole school development plan;
  2. Developing a research-based approach to education, based on needs and interests identified by teachers themselves, leading to a school pedagogy based on research undertaken and subsequent evidence collated by educationalists in and beyond Brentwood

Importantly, our TRADE programme is designed, coordinated and promoted by the Brentwood Teaching and Learning teams with representatives from the Senior and Prep School Common Rooms.

For further information on PGCE, NQT and RQT Training, Digital Training, Research and Development and the other Further Learning Opportunities, please click on the relevant links below.