English as an Additional Language

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English as an Additional Language is for students whose native language is not English. We enhance their language and cultural development. They gain the confidence to succeed academically in an English educational environment.

We structure our teaching based on individual needs and interests, and have a strong focus on aspects of British culture; we also draw on knowledge from the multicultural backgrounds of the students themselves.

Our 'English as an Additional Language' teachers have lived and worked abroad, and understand many of the issues that students will encounter when studying in a foreign country. We have a close working relationship with the boarding houses, which provides the department with a key pastoral role within the School.

EAL Entry Requirements to Brentwood School

  • Sixth Form Entry   -   Equivalent to IELTS Band 5.5 (B2 Level on the Common European Framework)
  • Lower School Entry (Third - Fifth Form)   -   Based on the EAL Entry test score (at the School's discretion)