Term Dates

Term Dates

Michaelmas Term 2023
Friday 15th DecemberTerm Ends (Half day for students and staff)
Lent Term 2024
Monday 8th January    All pupils return
Friday 16th February  Early finish for students. All pupils to attend lunch (Staff INSET in the afternoon)                                                                                                                                                                                
Monday 19th February
Friday 23rd February
Half Term
Wednesday 27th MarchTerm Ends (Half day)                                                                                        
Trinity Term 2024
Tuesday 16th AprilAll Staff INSET
Wednesday 17th AprilAll pupils return
Monday 6th MayBank Holiday
Monday 27th May
Friday 31st May
Half Term
Saturday 29th JuneSpeech Day
Thursday 4th JulyTerm Ends (Half day for students and staff)                                                                                                                                                                   

Michaelmas Term 2024
Friday 30th AugustNew Staff Induction catch-up and optional day for existing staff
Monday 2nd SeptemberAll Staff INSET
Tuesday 3rd SeptemberAll Staff INSET
Wednesday 4th SeptemberAll Staff INSET. Senior School Year 7, L6, U6 Senior Praepostors and all new boarding pupils and pupils new to the Senior School.  
Thursday 5th SeptemberAll existing Senior and Prep pupils return 
Friday 18th OctoberEarly finish for students. All pupils to attend lunch (staff INSET in the afternoon)  
Monday 21st October to Friday 1st NovemberHalf Term
Friday 13th DecemberTerm Ends (Half day for staff and students)

Lent Term 2025
Monday 6th JanuaryAll pupils return
Friday 14th FebruaryEarly finish for students. All pupils to attend lunch (staff INSET in the afternoon)  
Monday 17th February to Friday 21st FebruaryHalf Term
Tuesday 1st AprilTerm Ends at 3.55pm
Wednesday 2nd AprilAll Staff INSET

Trinity Term 2025
Wednesday 23rd AprilAll pupils return
Monday 5th MayBank Holiday
Monday 26th May to Friday 30th MayHalf Term
Saturday 28th JuneSpeech Day
Thursday 3rd JulyTerm Ends (Half day for students, staff INSET in the afternoon)
Friday 4th JulyAll Staff INSET

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