Life is a symphony of numbers

At Brentwood, we work hard to make every pupil in our classes feel welcome and involved. A knowledge and love of Mathematics gives our pupils a sense of empowerment and a deeper appreciation of the reasons why our universe is the way it is.

From the beginning, we encourage our pupils to discover unexpected patterns linking numbers and shapes, to figure out ways in which numbers 'tick'. Outside the classroom, pupils can continue their exploration of the world of numbers through the student-run 'Mathematics and Physics society', the ‘Mathematics Enrichment Club’ and the ‘Junior Mathematics Club’.

Our longstanding involvement with the Mathematics Challenge Competitions offers boys and girls an arena in which to demonstrate their problem-solving skills in less routine situations; the questions here often demanding a genuinely creative - even artistic - flair.

As pupils progress towards their GCSE, they are introduced to the increasing subtleties and applications of algebra - mankind’s ultimate language of precision and elegance. The development of mathematical skill in students enhances a capacity for logical and structured reasoning in a variety of different subjects.

In the Sixth Form, our mathematicians have a choice between three different levels of IB Mathematics (Higher Level Mathematics, Standard Level Mathematics and Mathematical Studies) and A level Mathematics. At A level, beyond a rigorous exploration of the more advanced disciplines of Pure Mathematics, students also study Statistics and Mechanics. We encourage A level students who are really taken with the subject to enroll for Further Mathematics as well, where the various disciplines are explored in greater depth.

A knowledge and love of Mathematics is essential and available for all. Part of the beauty of the subject is that even its deepest problems such as Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Goldbach conjecture are comprehensible to a First Form student but their exploration can last a lifetime.