The Physical World

Physics is about answering the questions that come from the world around us: from the smallest atomic particles to the distant galaxies above our heads. If you want to know the answers to the following, study Physics at Brentwood:

Why is the sky really purple? 
  • Why are sunsets red? 
  • How did God create the universe?
  • How can you measure the speed of light using marshmallows?

The aim of the Physics department is to try and inspire curiosity; to wonder about the world around us and to help students understand how we think it works.

Physics and Engineering are the basis of most of our modern technologically-based life. As lessons progress, we have vibrant discussions so that students are always considering what they learn in the context of ‘real world’ situations. For example: although we can do some things through scientific advancement, does it always mean that we should?

Physics is a subject that requires demonstrations and experiments to help bring it to life. We have an amazing range of equipment that allows students to perform experiments often done as demonstrations elsewhere.