Headmaster’s Introduction

Welcome to Brentwood Preparatory School. We are privileged to be with children as they embark on one of the greatest journeys in life: education.  It is in these early years that they begin to investigate the world with great expectation, interest and energy. It is in these early years that we can show them the world is indeed a feast for the curious and full of opportunities.

Right from the age of three, we welcome children into a community that is small enough to feel secure, but large enough to offer a huge breadth of experiences. Pupils are encouraged to be enterprising and develop their own ideas. Whether they are taking part in the School Council or joining in one of the many clubs, sports and drama activities, our pupils soon develop their own sense of responsibility. They learn to care about their work, to value their contribution to the wider school community and through many pupil-led fundraising initiatives, their eyes are opened to the world beyond school.

Academically, our pupils are high achievers; they are consistently at the top of the field for the National Curriculum tests at age 11. We encourage all pupils to have the confidence to stretch themselves, to celebrate their own achievements and to be generous about the success of others. Our staff teach with great energy, flair and sensitivity and because we keep class sizes small, our Form teachers get to know their pupils really well. Our Matron and the Chaplain play central roles in taking care of the children and the House system enables each pupil to build relationships with older peers.   What this means is that across the school there is always is a listening ear or a helping hand around whenever a pupil needs it.

Visitors often remark about the genuine warmth they find on their visits and I truly believe it is this most important attribute in our success. As we all know, the simple truth is - happy children learn best - so we focus on giving our pupils a positive start in their education; a positive beginning that will influence the rest of their lives.

I encourage you to find time to come and discover this for yourself. Much has changed since 1892, but our motto of Virtue, Learning & Manners remains and you will see that in droves when you visit us.

Jason Whiskerd, Headmaster