Learning Community

Teaching and Learning

Effective and successful learning happens in dynamic, stimulating and interesting lessons where each student feels valued and enabled to achieve. Our teachers are supported in this endeavour by the Teaching & Learning team: a group of core staff who focus on and work to enhance the quality of learning taking place across the school.

The Director of Pedagogy & Staff Development, Mrs Hattie Barfield Moore, is responsible for ensuring that staff are supported and empowered to deliver high-quality lessons that enable students to make the best possible progress whilst enjoying the learning journey. She provides guidance on best practice whilst also championing the philosophy of Brentwood School that we (students, teachers, senior managers, support staff, parents) are a community of learners. Head of Research & Development, Miss Aisling Fahy, is responsible for organising the staff Research and Development programme; this programme seeks to engage all types of teacher learners through a series of discussion groups, research opportunities, as well as attendance at external subject-specific or topic-specific training days after which colleagues deliver what they have learned to others.

We practise what we preach here at Brentwood: if we believe our students should appreciate the value of continuous learning, we need to show them that their teachers also do so. You will find a celebration of our Research and Development work in the pages of our journal, The Pioneer. You can also view our research posters here.

One key strand of staff training is the effective use of iPads in Teaching & Learning. For our children growing up in the digital age it is of utmost importance that as a school we help to develop their digital literacy beyond the confines of social media and gaming and help them to thrive in our ever-changing and unpredictable world. Our Mobile 1:1 Digital Learning strategy in the Senior School ensures that each student has an iPad at their disposal as an additional, and we believe an essential, learning tool.

Mobile Learning Project

All students in the Senior School are provided with a personal iPad to enhance their educational experience as part of the new technology in education programme known as the Mobile Learning Project. This programme ensures that all of our students are superbly well prepared for the demands and opportunities of modern living within a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Brentwood Learning Community

The Brentwood Learning Community aims to offer parents the opportunity to engage with a variety of topics relating to the education of their children. These include support sessions giving parents ideas on how to help children with revision, learning difficulties and technology. It also offers parents the opportunity to further their knowledge through attending lectures provided by members of staff and external speakers on specialist academic and wellbeing topics.

These lectures link to the Human Universe programme offered at Brentwood School and provide parents with an insight into the commitment we make to providing our students with a holistic education. 

We would really like some input from you on how we can further enhance this programme as well as your suggestions on sessions you would like to see run in the future. Please complete our online form to supply feedback.