Academic Overview

A Brentwood education presents learning as a lifelong pleasure, with many rewards for the curious and the diligent.

Many of our students leave a trail of As and A*s in their wake, but all our students leave Brentwood understanding that acquiring knowledge is only part of what it means to learn. Learning at Brentwood is purposeful; it prepares students to make a positive contribution in whatever path they take.

We are a Diamond Model school, so from 11+ until the Sixth Form, boys and girls are taught separately. We foster free expression and create space for individual identity within the classroom whilst maintaining and developing social integration beyond it. In the Sixth Form, classes are mixed to prepare young men and women for the world after school. We encourage our students to apply what they learn across subject areas: a lesson about number sequencing in Mathematics could well be applied to composing a score in Music lessons. The ability to think in a flexible way means that Brentwood students are always able to turn their hands to any task.

"I think Brentwood gives students a lot of confidence and leadership qualities for the future. It teaches them that education is the key to success in whatever they aspire to."

We carefully review and select the syllabuses and teaching approaches we employ and adopt new methods when we know it makes sense to. From Year 7, students are equipped with iPads to help their digital literacy and enhance their technological learning. Teachers use up-to-date applications and teaching methods and ensure that every subject is taught in the most modern sense.

Our teaching staff present academic subjects in ways that relate them to the real world and we promote practical as well as intellectual engagement. We believe that appropriate teaching and positive learning experiences help children to lead happy and rewarding lives and to emerge as intellectually curious, resilient, enterprising and independent people, with good moral character.

Exceptional facilities enable us to give all our students the chance to participate in engaging practical lessons and there are a huge number of trips and visits, from the battlefields of Ypres to the illuminated streets of Tokyo and the picturesque scenery of Snowdonia.

We believe in developing broad horizons, so we keep a wide subject base for as long as possible. In the Sixth Form, we have virtually no restrictions on subject combinations. Alongside diverse and challenging A Level subjects with 26 different subject choices, we offer the International Baccalaureate, which fosters internationalism as well as academic rigour. We are proud to be a top 10 UK IB School and offer the Pre-IB pathway for high-achieving ambitious students.

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A Levels

We offer 26 different subjects for our Sixth Form students to study at A Level and can accommodate most subject combinations, within the constraints of the School timetable. The syllabuses we favour are excellent preparation for undergraduate level study across the Arts and Sciences.

In 2023, a strong set of A Level results saw 41.4% graded A* or A. Four students were awarded places at Oxford or Cambridge, over 80% of students are going to their first choice destination and over 4/5 of our students will be moving on to a ‘top 20’ university.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) is a distinguished qualification that is recognised by universities all over the world, and we sit proudly in the top 10 of the Independent IB Schools League Table.

The IBDP requires the study of six subjects and the completion of core components: the ‘Theory of Knowledge’ course; an extended essay; and the ‘Creativity, Action and Service’ module. If you undertake the IBDP course, you will benefit from seeing what you learn from a global perspective in all your studies.

In 2023, our IB Diploma students celebrated an excellent set of results, and the School is proud to report that our International Baccalaureate Diploma 5-year point average is an outstanding 38 points (the equivalent of A*A*A at A Level).

Out of the 17-strong cohort, three students scored 40 or more points, putting them in the top 4% of IB students worldwide, cementing the School’s excellent reputation for nurturing individual students and helping them achieve outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma results.

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BTEC Extended Diploma

The BTEC National Extended Diploma is a specialist pathway in Sport or Business with an emphasis on vocational skills and ongoing assessment. There is a final examination at the end of the course, but most of the units are assessed through coursework projects. BTEC qualifications are the largest, most recognised vocational qualifications for Sixth Form students.

In 2023, all BTEC Extended Diploma students achieved the equivalent of AAA or higher at A Level. Our high-achieving BTEC cohort (fourteen in Business, five in Sport) are heading to a range of destinations including Plymouth and Kent to study courses as diverse as Architecture, Politics and International Relations, and Physiotherapy, further illustrating the School’s aim to enable all students to achieve their best possible outcomes.

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