Sports & PE

Brentwood is for you, whether you want to play international sport or simply participate. We aim to create confident, dynamic students who think creatively and possess the ability to make good decisions in both a sporting and whole school context.

Physical Education encompasses so many different concepts and activities. The importance of a healthy, active lifestyle is unquestionable, as it helps to support both physical and mental health, which helps students both move and feel better. Physical Education provides opportunities for students to develop competence and confidence in a range of activities, whilst also fostering an environment of belonging and connectedness which is achieved through participation in traditional team games.

Sport at Brentwood is incredibly successful and nationally renowned in a number of areas. Winning is a habit at our School, however, many of our students enjoy the social, non-competitive aspects of the many sports on offer here and do them because they are, quite simply, fun. We think that is as good a reason as any to enjoy sport.

We have vast areas of playing fields, as well as a Sports Centre that houses a 25-metre swimming pool, a fitness suite, conditioning room, gymnasium, dance studios, glass-backed squash courts, a fencing salle and sports hall. We organise overseas tours for teams to compete and increase their expertise; we also compete with local schools and within School, there are Inter-House competitions available in most sports.

The opportunity to enjoy B and C team sport is widely available, as is the vast array of non-competitive options. As our students progress through the school, they can participate in over 30 sports. From fencing to shooting, from aerobics to golf - it would be a challenge not to find an activity you enjoy!

We offer an exceptional programme of co-curricular and enrichment activities with a wide and diverse selection of trips, societies and clubs available including our Tennis AcademyEquestrian Team, Chess Academy, Fencing Club and Football Academy. Our co-curricular provision is inclusive in nature and we encourage all students to take part in activities and societies that they might find interesting.

At the elite end of the spectrum, we have a proven track record of producing top-class performers who excel and inspire. We field in excess of 100 teams who compete at inter-school, county and national level; around 400 students represent the School each Saturday.

We offer the Brentwood School Elite Player Pathway to support our most gifted and talented athletes to help prepare them for possible progression to elite sport. Athletes from Year 11 and Sixth Form are identified for their prowess in the sporting arena, with a particular emphasis on successfully combining their school education alongside a high standard of sports development. 

We are also one of a few Saracens Partnership Schools that offer the opportunity to students in the wider community and across Essex to train and play at Brentwood School.

In Academic PE, we develop research and analytical skills, so you are able to critically evaluate data, problem solve and develop into a reflective thinker, capable of initiative and decision-making.

Our A Level Physical Education programme develops knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to physical education. The students that study the course gain an understanding of the scientific and sociocultural factors that underpin physical activity. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their practical ability either as a performer or a coach. 

"PE gave me the opportunity to study something I have a genuine interest in. The course stretched and challenged me within a supportive environment allowing me to pursue my passion for sport."

We offer the BTEC National Extended Diploma, a specialist pathway in sport with an emphasis on vocational skills and ongoing assessment. The course provides the knowledge, understanding and skills that allow students to gain experience in Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness Training and Programming, Sports Leadership, Coaching, Sports Performance, Sports Psychology, Rules and Officiating and prepares them for further study or training. 

In 2023, all BTEC Extended Diploma students achieved the equivalent of AAA or higher at A Level and our high-achieving cohort is heading to a range of destinations including Plymouth and Kent, further illustrating the School’s aim to enable all students to achieve their best possible outcomes.

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