Our Values

Our Values

Our School values, ‘Virtue, Learning and Manners’, are taken from the School statutes of 1622. The principles of academic achievement within a caring Christian ethos remain a cornerstone of the School’s philosophy today.

Our Vision Statement

‘We enable our pupils to become the best version of themselves by developing Virtue, Learning and Manners’

Who are we?

We embody our values of virtue, learning and manners just as those before us have been doing since 1557. We are proud of our modern inclusive community which is shaped by our Christian Foundation.

Our pupils are confident without being arrogant, they look out for each other, they do the right thing, even when no-one is looking and they respect difference: you will see a footballer enjoying lunch with a chorister and a dancer running a recycling project with a chess player. 

We help our pupils to solve problems. In partnership with parents, we teach them to persevere after setbacks, adopt a growth mindset and challenge the norm. We encourage them to ask questions in class and take control of their own learning. Of course, they work hard and enjoy great success in and out of the classroom, and once they’ve left us, many go on to use and develop their leadership skills and achieve beyond their expectations, always remembering what Brentwood has taught them.

That’s who we are. We are Brentwood.

Our Aims:

  1. We ensure that each individual pupil is safe and valued in an inclusive community.
  2. We provide a range of opportunities designed to enable every pupil to further their potential, enjoy their learning and achieve the best possible academic outcomes.
  3. We inspire students to emerge as intellectually curious and resilient young people with leadership skills, who work well with and care for others.
  4. We challenge students to develop strong moral purpose and take principled action within the school, local and international community.

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