Pastoral Information

At Brentwood School, we have an outstanding level of pastoral care. The wellbeing and safety of all our students is our highest priority and we have an excellent team in place to support each young person individually.  

The extended pastoral team in the Senior School comprises the Senior Deputy Head, Director of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, Heads of Year and their Deputies, Form Tutors, Boarding staff, Pastoral Managers, our Chaplain, Director of Pupil Wellbeing, the School’s medical team and our School counsellors. Together they support the wellbeing of all our students, enabling each student to thrive in a kind, caring and inclusive community.

Students at Brentwood School are on a journey through education, but they are also building relationships on many different levels. The quality of these relationships is the key to the success of our community.

The Form Tutor plays an important part in helping each student build such relationships and develop as an individual. Students are encouraged and guided by their Form Tutor who is their advocate and a positive role model. The Form Tutor takes an active interest in the academic lives of their tutees, their progress and wellbeing and encourages participation in the wide range of activities available to students outside of the classroom.

If, at any stage, you have a concern about your child, please contact the Form Tutor in the first instance or the Head of Year. For more serious issues and safeguarding matters, you may contact the Director of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding, Miss Bishop, the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads or Mrs Jenkin, the Senior Deputy Head responsible for Pastoral Care in the Senior School or, at the Prep School, Mrs Trowell, Deputy Head (Pastoral) or Mrs Townsend, Director of EYFS.

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Senior School

Mrs Nicky Jenkin
Photo of Mrs Nicola Jenkin, Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral)Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Tel: 01277 243275

Preparatory School 

Mrs Susannah Trowell
Photo of Susannah Trowell, Deputy HeadDeputy Head

Tel: 01277 243398

Mrs Roz Townsend
Director of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Tel: 01277 243300 ext.607

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Miss Rachel Bishop
Director of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

Tel: 01277 243305

Mrs Suzanne Bond
Photo of Suzanne Bond, Pastoral MentorPastoral Mentor (Year 7-8 & Transition from KS2)

Tel: 01277 243281

Mrs Jenny Edwards
Photo of Jenny Edwards, First to Fifth YEar pastoral ManagerPastoral Mentor (Year 9-11)

Tel: 01277 243233

Mrs Estelle Chippett
Pastoral Mentor (Sixth Form)

Tel: 01277 243316

Mrs Jag Khush
Head of Year

Tel: 01277 243215

Ms Mel Knight
Director of Pastoral Care, Prep School

Tel: TBC

Mr Tim Sawyer
Photo of Tim Sawyer, Director of Sport & Co-curricular activities (Prep)Deputy Head (Co-Curricular & Operations), Prep School

Tel: 01277 243331

Mrs Michelle Carabache

Senior Mental Health Lead
Director of Pupil Wellbeing


Tel: 01277 243207

Mr Sarb Singh
Head of ITSS

Tel: 01277 243312


Mrs Michelle Carabache

Director of Pupil Wellbeing
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Senior Mental Health Lead

Tel: 01277 243207

Mr Chris Smith
Assistant Director of Pupil Wellbeing

Tel: 01277 243207

Mr Tim Sellers
Director of Sixth Form

Tel: 01277 240437

Contacting the Safeguarding Team

If you wish to contact a member of the safeguarding team, please use our online form:

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