The diversity of life on this planet never fails to surprise even the best-travelled observer and the need for informed opinions about the natural world has never been greater.

Turn on the TV any night of the week and you will find a wealth of inspiring documentaries bringing the natural world to your sitting room. We study this amazing world day in, day out; with us, you will learn fascinating facts about it that we so often take for granted.

Biology offers students the academic satisfaction of problem-solving within a real-life framework that they find both enjoyable and inspiring.

At Brentwood, we have a hands-on approach to the teaching of Biology. Our facilities are excellent, allowing all our students to participate fully in practical techniques. We emphasise investigative skills and fieldwork: we like to teach in context. On their residential field course, our Sixth Form students learn about ecology in the field, rather than in a classroom.

"It has been a very enjoyable and immersive experience. I would encourage anyone with a speculative mind to consider studying Biology!"

We also seek to ignite students' interest in the natural world and to inspire them to study the subject beyond the classroom, or to a higher level. Our Biology teachers have a broad range of specialist interests: from complex biochemistry to the psychological basis of human behaviour. We encourage our students and support their interests, wherever they may lead them.


Chemistry is an experimental science that blends academic study with the development of practical and investigative skills. It encompasses key principles that form the foundation of the physical environment and the biological world. At its core, Chemistry examines the properties and structure of matter, forging connections between them, and plays a crucial role in the advancement of new materials. Moreover, it holds the key to building a cleaner and greener world, shaping our path towards a sustainable future.

Understanding how important Chemistry is to all aspects of our existence starts the moment a Year 7 student arrives in one of our laboratories. Our course is filled with a variety of interesting activities to analyse the concepts that underpin Chemistry.

By the time students reach Year 9, serious academic rigour sets in. Students are made aware that this fun subject is also a vehicle to get them places in life. In the Sixth Form, we offer A Level and IB Chemistry courses, and a significant amount of class time is devoted to investigative work where students begin to understand the processes involved in carrying out personal scientific research.

These investigations not only deepen the students' understanding of the important concepts in the curriculum but also develops their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. It significantly contributes to the large number of students who each year wish to study Chemistry at both Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, having recognised that the challenge of their research project suits both their academic susceptibilities and personal aptitudes.

"I like the practical elements of the IB Chemistry course and how the content relates to real-world applications."

Finally, the old adage ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ expresses perfectly the outcome of Chemistry education at Brentwood School - large numbers of past students come back to the School to thank their old Chemistry teachers for a truly unforgettable experience!


Physics is the study of matter and motion from the sub-atomic to the intergalactic. Studying Physics empowers students to ask questions about why things happen the way they do and why the universe is like it is – questions that have fascinated scientists for centuries. Students learn how science is conducted, how discoveries are made, and what the implications of these discoveries are.

Through experimental work, students get a feel for how early scientists questioned the world around them and what drove them to press forward with innovation and discovery.

"I enjoy Physics because it is interesting to learn about past scientific discoveries, and how we can apply our knowledge from Physics in our day-to-day lives."

The aim of the Physics department is to try and inspire curiosity; to wonder about the world around us and to help students understand how we think it works.

As lessons progress, we have vibrant discussions so that students are always considering what they learn in the context of ‘real world’ situations. For example: although we can do some things through scientific advancement, does it always mean that we should?

Physics is a subject that requires demonstrations and experiments to help bring it to life. At Brentwood School, we have an amazing range of equipment that allows students to perform experiments, often done as demonstrations elsewhere.

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