House System

At Brentwood School there are 10 Houses, North, East, School (combining Mill Hill and Hough boarders), South, Weald, West, Hampden, Hartswood, Merrymeade and Thorndon.

School House iconWeald House IconWest House Icon
Head of Houses: Mr Cope & Mr Taylor
House Captains: Sasha & Leonard
Head of House: Miss Coote
Deputy Head of House: Mr L Stannard
House Captain: Presi
Head of House: Mr Prinn
Deputy Head of House: Mrs Dobson
House Captain: Ben
East House IconSouth House IconNorth House Icon
Head of House: Mr Schramm
Deputy Head of House: Miss A Parsliffe
House Captain: Savannah
Head of House: Miss Keegan
Deputy Head of House: Mr Herson
House Captain: Sophia
Head of House: Miss Swettenham
Deputy Head of House: Mrs Dearmer-Decup
House Captain: Jack
Head of House: Mrs Ellis
Deputy Head of House: Mx Cowie
House Captain: Barnaby
Head of House: Mr Childs
Deputy Head of House: Miss Lennard
House Captain: Sophie
Head of House: Mr Fisher
Deputy Head of House: Miss Parmar
House Captain: Toby
Head of House: Mr Crickmay
Deputy Head of House: Mrs Kehinde
House Captain: Scarlett

House events are categorised into Traditional or Contemporary sections. Examples of some of the current House events are:

  • Traditional: Chess, Squash, Public Speaking and Tennis
  • Contemporary: Frisbee Golf, Lip Sync, FIFA, Giant Jenga, Dodgeball and Tug of War

The major House events are House Music and House Track and Field which take place at the beginning and the end of the year respectively. House Weeks take place through the year between these two events. During a House Week each house leads competitive events which contribute to the House Cup as well as taking part in fundraising, outreach and raising awareness for their chosen local charity.

    Notable House Alumni (OBs)

    Notable North House OBs

    • David Acfield, 1957-65
    • Douglas Adams, 1959-70
    • Louise McKinlay, 1989-96
    • Daryl Selby, 1994-2001
    • Ed Woodward, 1983-9

    Notable West House OBs

    • Peter Allen, 1957-65
    • Neil Harris, 1988-93
    • Lord Andrew Lansley, 1968-74
    • Hal Ozsan, 1988-95
    • Sir Nick Scheele, 1950-62
    • Stephen Yardley, 1950-8

    Notable Weald House OBs

    • Lord Howard Flight, 1959-66
    • Eric Peters, 1976-87
    • Sir Rodger Bell, 1951-58

    Notable South House OBs

    • Baron Black of Brentwood, 1971-81
    • Noel Edmonds, 1960-67
    • Michael Peppiatt, 1952-59
    • Stewart Robson, 1978-81
    • Sir Peter Stothard, 1962-69

    Notable East House OBs

    • Keith Hopkins, 1943-52
    • Chris Jarvis, 1980-87
    • Frank Lampard, 1985-95
    • Griff Rhys Jones, 1965-71

    Notable School House OBs

    • Keith Allen, 1966-68
    • Sir Charlie Bean, 1961-71
    • Fabian Hamilton, 1964-73
    • Michael Wright, 1921-29

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