BREMUN 2022: Tackling tomorrow for a more just and equal world

BREMUN 2022: Tackling tomorrow for a more just and equal world
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As the curtain comes down on a very successful 2022 Brentwood School Model United Nations Conference, Secretary-General and Head of School, Cameron D, reflects on two days of intense debate, enthusiastic lobbying and extraordinary teamwork:

Brentwood School’s Fifth Model United Nations conference, post-Covid, promised and delivered an excellent level of debate amongst all delegates and chairs who took part from 6-7 November 2022.

Over the two days we sought to “tackle tomorrow for a just and equal world.” Unlike some previous themes you may have heard, like “striving for equality” or “ending poverty” the theme is approachable and succinct. We are still focusing on key issues, still looking at the big picture, but with a vision only to end the day further ahead of the game than when we started. Because by doing this once every day, in the long run, the effects are just as great.

However, even by breaking the huge steps we need to take into a smaller, more manageable pathway, we are very much still “tackling” tomorrow’s problems. There is no easy path that has been carved out by those who came before; there are no crumbs for us to find.  And that is why the UN sets up this collaboration of forces, so that it is easier to tackle such issues.  In fact, the wording sets up a useful simile with a rugby team; even though one player may tackle another, it takes an entire team to score. It is exactly the same in the United Nations - it takes all countries to come to an agreement.

Our choice to feature the words “just” and “equal” fits well within the topics and committees on offer today. In every word of every clause of every resolution, it is underpinned by a mission to make sure that every citizen in every country has equal access to clean water, to climate solutions, to an affordable cost of living, and more. Similarly, it ensures that everyone is treated justly.  And in a just and equal world, these are the foundations for peace to be reached, which is the primary goal of the UN charter. 

The conference opened early on Sunday morning with words from Mrs Carter, MUN Advisor, Mr Bond, Headmaster, as well as Secretary General and our Head of Chairing and Charity. This was swiftly followed by the committees, which opened to a loud boom of lobbying. For the MUN “muggles” reading this, “lobbying,” is where delegates informally go around the assembly rallying different countries to vote for their resolution and debate it.  

Throughout the day, the committees continued, covering the key topics for each. ECOFIN, Economic and Financial affairs, dived into a heated discussion on SWIFT and Carbon pricing. SOCPOL, Social and Political affairs, were tackling the difficult conversation of censorship, whilst Security Council led a vigorous debate on the Chinese Uyghurs and the posed international security risks.GCA, Global Climate Action, a new committee designed especially for the current efforts of COP27, also attracted lots of attention with interesting solutions to the transportation of meat and efforts for renewable resources.  Everyone was exhausted at the end of the first day, but ready for the second.

On Monday, we continued in committees, rounding off the various discussion points and voting on those final amendments. After this, the delegates all came together to hear a thought-provoking keynote speech from the distinguished Alex Burghart MP, Parliamentary Secretary and MP for Brentwood and Ongar. He delivered a fascinating speech on the future of our generation, and the challenges we face, but how these can be overcome with soft skills and determination for peace as individuals.  

The final hours of the conference saw the beginning of a General Assembly, where all delegates come together in their country groups to debate in one room on an unusual emergency scenario. This year, it was the invasion of aliens in the United Arab Emirates. By the end of the afternoon, overwhelmed by the levels of participation and excitement, Russia’s well-written resolution was passed with an overwhelming majority. 

And with the end of the General Assembly, the conference of 2022 was officially closed, with the Russian Federation crowned the best delegation, and many awards given to distinguished delegates from each committee.

Overall, in the space of just 10 hours of debate, 101 people across 4 committees had taken part in an effort to pass 12 resolutions in aid of our theme, submit over 50 amendments, and speak countless times in front of all delegates, with an extraordinary level of confidence, maturity and eloquence. We were blown away by this participation, even from students who, having stepped foot in the room on Sunday, were totally new to Model United Nations.  

Thank you to everyone who participated, spoke, catered for, chaired or helped run our conference, we hope to welcome you again for future conferences.

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BREMUN 2022: Tackling tomorrow for a more just and equal world