Al Fresco Chess Raises the Temperature

Al Fresco Chess Raises the Temperature
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Brentwood Senior and Preparatory Schools took advantage of the glorious sunshine that we’ve been enjoying to hold two after-school outdoor chess matches.

On Thursday 15th June, a rotating team of 20 senior school students took on a team of 12 members of staff and proved age and experience is not the prerequisite in chess. Despite a very gallant effort by the teaching staff, students came out on top with Head of Spanish, Miss White, managing to play the most games among the staff.

Alongside the official tournament, plenty of ad hoc friendly chess games were played as students not involved in the event stopped by to play with their friends.

On Thursday 22nd June, a rotating team of 20 Year 7 students took on 12 Brentwood Prep School pupils. Year 7 had been unfortunate to miss out on the previous matches against the teachers as they had been in London at the time so this was their al fresco chess afternoon.

Once again, the sun shone and again age and experience did not win through as the Prep School contingent won 3 more games in the allotted hour than the Year 7 students.

Both afternoons were conducted in a lovely spirit of friendly competition with the Year 7 students doing a particularly nice job making the Prep School feel welcome. There was also some fine chess played.

Head of Chess, Robin Slade, commented “Days like this remind us of the ability chess has to bring people of different ages and backgrounds together. One of the Year 6 students told me afterwards they were now really looking forward to starting at the Senior School in September after making some new friends among the chess players”.

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Al Fresco Chess Raises the Temperature